Expanding Horizons Closing Night


Celebrate the Expanding Horizons exhibition one last time at the closing night!

Thursday 30th March 2023, 6pm.

Free and open to all!

Celebrate the Expanding Horizons exhibition one last time at the closing night!

Featuring an excusing art talk between exhibiting artists Imrana Tanveer and Lisa-Marie Price who will be in conversation with art critic Tabish Khan. They will discuss artistic practices and where their themes align and diverge.

In conversation, they will reflect on their experience working on a joint exhibition, placing their distinct collections ‘I Can See Your Aura’ (Price) and ‘Ode to Heaven’ (Tanveer) alongside each other in Oaklands Rise.

The evening gives the public a chance to engage with the artists in conversation about their art and the wider impacts of their practice.


About Imrana Tanveer

Moving from Karachi, Pakistan to Oaklands Rise in the last few months, this is Tanveer’s first show in London. In her work, Tanveer expresses the interweaving tensions between contemporary global issues and climatic concerns through personalised utopic resolves.

The presented collection named, Ode to Heaven, is reminiscent of times when skylines obtained more sky than human-made blockades.

The series provokes recognition of what humans are doing to the natural world. We are forced to question, what are the long-term impacts of our ‘golden’ dreams of building development on our landscapes?


About Lisa-Marie Price

Price is a London-based abstract painter who explores the connection between nature, people and place. Her methodical style is created using handmade watercolour from natural pigment hand foraged from both urban and rural settings.

Presenting a collection entitled, I Can Feel Your Aura, Price’s work explores the relation between humans and nature, with particular attention to the impacts of consumerism on our environment.

Price’s use of hand foraged materials to create delicate mosaic patterns reminds us of the often-forgotten need for kindness and compassion in a time of crisis for our climate and world.


About Tabish Khan

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London’s art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone. He visits and writes about hundreds of exhibitions a year covering everything from the major blockbusters to the emerging art scene.

Tabish has been visual arts editor for Londonist since 2013. Contributions include reviews, previews, news, experiences and opinion pieces.

He is also a regular contributor for FAD with a weekly top exhibition to see, reviews and a column called ‘What’s wrong with art’. We are delighted to welcome him to The Lab as a guest speaker.

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